Monday, February 10, 2014

An Amazing Weekend

I had an amazing past weekend!!
Saturday was Kayleen's Birthday (my best friend) so I went home for the weekend!!  I didn't get back to town tiil almost 8pm on Friday as I worked til 5:45!  Friday night I just hanged out at home.  Saturday morning I went to my moms.  Then  Saturday at 2:30 I joined Kayleen, her sister and two of her sister friends to get our nails done!
After we went back to her house and other friends of Kayleen joined for pizza, ice skating & cake!
Me & The Birthday Girl!!
Picture from Sunday Morning
Then me, Kayleen's cousin and another friend watched some of a movie (I fell asleep) and stayed the night.  Sunday morning we all woke up at 11:30am (Which is late for me and all of us except one friend that had to leave at 8am).  We had brunch and then got ready.  I then went with Kayleen to take her cousin home 45 minutes away!
We had quite the experience!  Including almost missing an interstate exit, missing a turn and almost getting hit by a truck (Truck decided to move to the lane/spot we where in..don't know if they didn't see us or what..Thankfully we moved to the turn lane to avoid getting hit)
We grabbed Jimmy Johns on way home.  Went back to her house, eat, opened presents and she did my hair!
Then we went and saw That Awkward Moment!  Which was a great movie! 
 Then I went home and headed back to school!

It was an amazing weekend <3

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