Friday, February 21, 2014

I Love Five On Fridays

Can you tell that I like to do Five On Fridays?  It's just an easy way to wrap up the week, have a more casual post since it's a Friday and tell you what's been going on with me!!
It's been kinda a rough week this read more about that read yesterday's post!

  1. I  had a relaxing evening last night, which was so needed and nice!!
  2. This week I have been so thankful for family and friends.  This week i've had a 30 minute and 40 minute phone call to my best friend.  It's just so nice to have friends that will listen to me, let me destress and make me feel better!
  3. Tonight after work I am going home to see Kayleen!  After this week, nothing sounded better then an evening with my best friend :)  We are going to see Endless Love in theaters, i'm excited!!
  4. The quote below is my altime favorite quote currently.  It's kinda my quote for life.  It's even my phones current background :) 
  5. Next weekend if my cousin's birthday party and i'm going to church with my grandma.  So two busy weekends and I am excited for them both :)  Have a great weekend!!

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