Monday, February 3, 2014

Interterm Break

We had Interterm break from January 23rd to January 28th!  Spring semester started on the 29th!  So here is a much needed summary of interterm break!!

I got to see SO many people who I wanted to see over break!!  Everyday was full of something to do :)

Thursday I had to work 1 to 5:30 so I grabbed some yummy Chinese food before heading home!

I got to spend some time with the puppy!

 Friday I made a bank and target run and just hanged out!  That evening it was just me, Sam & Buddy!
 Saturday I had a lazy morning and then got to go see my favorite twins from the daycare.  I babysat them for about 2 hours and then just hung out and talked to their mom for another hour.  Then I went home, ate and then headed to Kayleens!
We went ice skating with her cousin, sister and brother!  I only went out 5 times and had a death grip on Kayleen!  By the end I loosen the grip on Kayleen and didn't hold onto the side and had a little fun.  I ended up staying the night at Kayleens.  Saturday I got up at 9am and headed home.  Shortly after my family went to my cousins 5th Birthday party!
 Then Sunday night I went and saw a family friends 8 month old baby who is doing new things everytime I see him!! <3
Monday I treated myself to a shopping trip and then that evening I met my friend Ashley for dinner! 
Tuesday I had a slow moving morning before stopping by my grandparents on way back to school.  
And there you go!  My Interterm break recap!

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