Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New View On Life

This post is kinda a continuation/has to do with yesterday's post.  You can check that post out here!

I know I have kinda wrote about this before, but I'm a lot more of a happier person then I ever us to be.  When I got to drive, and got more freedom, I feel like I became a happier person.  I got a job, go places that I want, ect.  I think that freedom made me happier.  Like I said before I've written about this several times...Click Here!

And now, I am one semester into college and there has been some of it where I haven't been the happiest.  But I think I am the happiest I've been currently.  

I am taking 5 classes, working at a local daycare, exercising (off and on...really trying to eat better and pay more attention to what I eat...ongoing effort/battle), spending times with people that make me happy, making time for friends/family back home, bettering myself, ect.

I have learned the lesson of being alone and having alone time is okay.  I don't need to be with friends 24/7.  I can do lunches and dinner with them and then spend the evenings relaxing in room or doing homework.  I'm a lot more okay with doing things alone now in college then I have ever been.  Heck, Monday I went on a walk all by myself...with a little friendly push by a friend!  I think finally being okay with doing things alone and not as much worrying about looking like a 'loner' has helped me be more happy.

I've also gotten to the point where I am watching more and less what I eat and making sure I get a fruit or vegetable in each meal.  And not snacking as much.  I am finally accepting that I shouldn't care about the number on the scale, but care about doing things to make me feel/look better...not wanting to lose weight for the scale but to make ME feel better.

I have gone awhile of not going to church due to A, not being home, B, having no motivation to get up on Sunday mornings and C, not wanting to drive.  This past weekend and 2 weekends before I've gone with my grandma to her church and I've loved it.  I love this church and trying to start making going to church atleast 2 times a month happen!  I always feel so much better afterwards :)

I think everything that is making me a happier Jamie is also part of the learning experience of college! :)

So this is a happier Jamie you are seeing and I hope she sticks around!
Come back tomorrow for a guest post!! :)

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