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Jaylyn's Guest Post

Thanks to Jaylyn for guest blogging for me today!  Hope you all enjoy and go give Jaylyn's blog some love!  Tell her I sent you :)

Hi Everyone!
I'm so excited to be guest posting for Jamie today :)
Thanks for having me!
I'll start off by tell you guys a little about me. My name is Jaylyn. I'm 21 years young. I live in Canada. And I'm a Nanny!
Since my job is the main thing in my life right now and I get a lot of questions about being a Nanny or how I deal with taking care of other peoples kids, I thought I would share about it today :)
The main question I get asked is "what made you want to work with kids?".
And I never have an answer. The reason being is because its just always something I've been good at.
I was just shy of 3 years old when my little brother was born and I was like a little mommy to him. Once he was strong enough to hold his head up my mom would let me hold him, change his diaper etc. I use to get up in the morning and put a diaper, wipes and an outfit through the crib slates and then get a stool and pull myself over and into the crib. 3 years old and I would change my brothers diaper and get him dressed, and I would do it quietly so my mom could sleep longer. I mean is that normal? No.
Then I remember my neighbour had a baby and I use to go over (I was 7 years old) and sit and hold the baby so she could clean her house, do laundry, etc. She couldn't believe that at 7 I was so good at caring for a baby.
At 10 I got my first babysitting job. It was older kids, probably 5 & 7 at the time. We rode the same school bus, so I would get them off the bus, to their house, get them a snack and we would hang out for 2 hours until their parents got home.
From then on I was babysitting for my whole neighbourhood. Kid ranging in age from 1-8 years old. I was known as the Sherwood Babysitter.
When I was 15, I needed volunteer hours for high school. My mom saw an ad on Facebook posted by a lady who had just had triplets, who was looking for volunteers to help with feedings, baths, etc because her husband worked long hours. I called her and she was skeptical about having a 15 year old taking care of them even though she would be there but she agreed as long as my mom came with me.
She had about 20 volunteers who were all in there 30's or older, who were mothers, who were childcare professionals, who were grandparents, etc. And then me a 15 year old girl with no kids and in high school. When the triplets turn 8 months, she decided that she had a routine down and didn't need the volunteers anymore but she needed a babysitter for every Saturday for 3-4 hours so she could grocery shop and have some time for herself. She asked ME out of all the volunteers to be the babysitter. I was shocked but super excited. So at 15 for 4 hours every Saturday I would get there for their 12pm feeding, change all diapers, put them down for a nap, get them up at 2:45pm change diapers, feed them, play then she would be home. People couldn't believe I could handle it.
After that more people wanted me to be their sitter. So I had plenty of jobs to keep me busy.
When it came time to apply for college, I automatically applied for Early Childhood Education, I mean why not right? I personally wasn't a fan of the course but I just wanted a diploma so I stuck with it.
I did a lot of work in daycares and I HATED it. Absolutely hated it. I will never ever work in a daycare or put my kids in daycare. (No offense if you work in a daycare or have kids in daycare, its just really not for me). And I did a lot of work in schools to. I enjoy the school setting much more. When I graduated college I was only 19 years old and I didn't feel ready enough to start working in a school. So I decided to get some experience Nannying!
I love it. I love the freedom. I love doing my thing. Its just a fun job.
People always ask "how do you handle other peoples kids? i don't no how you do it". Trust me, there are days where I'm like OMG what the heck am I doing but for the most part its amazing. I'm with these kids 12 hours a day, I treat them like they are my own. Whenever I'm out in public people always call me the kids' mom and I correct them saying "oh im just the nanny" and I almost always get "Wow, you are so good with them, I would have thought they were yours". That makes me feel happy and like I'm doing a good job.
It's not easy by any means. I have days and moments where I want to lock myself in the bathroom away from screaming children but then when they run up and hug you and tell you "I lub you", that feeling goes away and you carry on.
Thanks for reading, feel free to check out my blog for more nanny stories!
Jaylyn ♥

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