Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello there!! :)

This post is kinda an update on the things I mentioned last week about my grandparents and the rough week, but also about my weekend!  So let's get this show on the road.... :)

I went home on Friday after work.  I didn't even go home though on Friday.  I went straight to my best friends house!!  We lefted pretty much as soon as I got there.  We went to Charming Charlies followed by the mall. 
 Then we went back to Kayleen's dorm room before going to a 9pm movie.  We went to Endless Love....IT WAS AMAZING!  I'd highly recommend seeing it!  Then we went back to her dorm before us plus one of Kayleen's college friends went back to her house.  We had ice cream and then fell asleep during a movie.
Saturday morning we got up somewhat early, took Kayleen's friend back to dorms and then hung out until Kayleen went to work.  Then I ran a couple errands, visited my mom and then had a lazy afternoon at home.
My grandpa got moved into a home (assisted living/dementia/Alzheimer home) on Saturday morning.  (some of what i'm about to write for is more to be documented purposes then to tell).
We visited him on Sunday (2/23/14) and things seem to be going as well as we would have thought.  Grandpa had a rough morning, but it's because of things that happened at home also.  The nurses seem to love him and the place seems homey.  I think it helps that my dad cleans carpet there so people know him, my dad's girlfriend works there and we know the head nurse.  I'm thankful for that, because we have people looking after my grandpa!  This is something needed and for the best.

We also visited my grandma in the hospital.  She looks like her normal self and my dad said she looks better then she did on Saturday.  She said she feels a ton better, so fingers crossed she goes home today!! :)  

So things are looking better and i'm glad to  end the week on a better note then the week was going!!:)

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