Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I am linking up for What I Wore Wednesday!
pleated poppy
Planning on doing these posts force me to dress up and look nice and not just wear sweatshirts everyday..which is tempting in this cold weather :)

1/29 was the first day of the semester so of course I dressed up!
White Columbia Jacket
Blue t-shirt from JcPenny's
Scarf from Vanity

1/31 is my comfy type of clothing day!
Pink Jacket from Walmart!
Gray shirt that was our senior powerpuff shirt

My church outfit and then lazy afternoon outfit!
Pink shirt from Vanity
Scarf from Hill Girl Designs (FB page)
Black long sleeve shirt underneath
Black shirt & leggings

Bigger orange school shirt (from college)
Black Yoga Pants from Target

Purple T-shirt
Black Cardigan
Black Scarf from Target

Pink Jacket from before
White t-shirt from Target
Black Scarf from Target

Hope you enjoyed this!  

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