Saturday, March 29, 2014

A ME Day

**This extra weekend post is brought to you by a beautiful Saturday afternoon and all the thoughts currently running through my head :) **

Today has turned into a ME day.  You know one of those days that you do everything that makes you happy and just spent quiet alone time. (Or in my case not with friends in my room alone as alone gets as roommate has been in room all day)

I had an extremely lazy morning.  I didn't get out of bed til 11 then got dressed and just chilled in the lounge until roommate got up.  Then I ate a late lunch and wasted some time on youtube.

Then I went on a walk!  I love when it's nice enough to be outdoors and go for a walk.  Not only is it good exercise but it clears the mind.

And after I got back I caught up on Parenthood episodes and now listening to music and shocked by how fast this day has gone by!  It's already 4pm!  Granted i've only been up for 6 hours ;) 

This week with school work has been really busy (which this will probably be this way for rest of semester).  So this lazy, to myself day has just been needed.  To be able to relax, get some stress off of me and just enjoy myself.  I needed this and so very thankful for it.

So now I'm going to enjoy the rest of this lazy "me" day and look forward to tomorrow!  Going to church and my cousins cheer recital with my grandma!

Happy Saturday & have a great weekend :)

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Lauren said...

Everyone needs a Me day! Without them I don't think we would survive haha. I hope you week is great!

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