Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Don't Know What To Write"

Like my title?  Creative, huh?! :P

I've been staring at this black blog post screen...I want to write something...I just don't know WHAT to write about!  I'm in an empty lounge and should be working on a paper that is due tomorrow, but not much motivation for that in the moment.

This post is going to be a bullet list of randoms!  

  • I have a Day In The Life for Monday/Wednesday/Friday written, but I need to take pictures for it!  Always half way through the day I think of it, so hopefully I remember to do this tomorrow so you all can get that post to read on Thursday!  Fingers crossed!
  • Friday after my last class is the start of spring break!  I'm so excited and ready for it!  Not many plans other then a dentist visit, spending some time with my grandma and maybe a shopping trip ;)  And of course some time visiting friends & hopefully my favorite twins!
  • I'm looking into getting a necklace or bracelet or something to honor my grandpa/remember him/always have him with me.  Any suggestions?!!
  • It's crazy to think that I only have 2 months left of my first year of college!  Flying by!
  • But also with that, i will be excited to spend my summer hopefully working at the daycare back home :)
  • Well my mind is blanking, it's almost dinner time and I need to stop procrastinating!!!  So hopefully there will be up a post tomorrow :)

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