Friday, March 7, 2014

Grandpa's Visitation/Funeral

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on Grandpa's Vistiation (Wednesday evening) and Funeral (Thursday) while it is still fresh in my mind!  This is something I want to be able to reflect on later at later times.  So sorry not sorry if it's a boring post :)

Wednesday was such a busy day for me!  I decided because I had a test, my classes where earlyish (10am and 11am) and the fact I was already going to be missing Thursday and Friday plus the fact the visitation wasn't til 4pm that I would attend classes on Wednesday.  So I had my two classes, grabbed lunch on the road and headed home.  I stopped by moms before getting to dads a little before 2pm.  I got ready, got my brother and then went to the visitation.

I was nervous to see my grandpa in the casket, because I was afraid it would hit me and I would break down.  I was dreading it so much.  But thankfully, it wasn't too bad.  I stayed strong.  The visitation went well and there was a good flow of people that came.  After the vistitation we stopped at home and then went to Grandma's for dinner and also, some out of state family came during this time.  It was a late night, we didn't get home til after 10pm.

Thursday was the funeral.  Thankfully the funeral wasn't til 1pm and we didn't have to be there til 12:15pm, because we were slow moving in the morning.  There was a good size crowd for the funeral and I stayed strong til the end seeing all the people walk by the coffin and then grandma/us.  I got a little teary eyed during this and during my final goodbye to grandpa.  

We then got into the funeral procession.  We had a 5 or 10 minute drive to the cemetary and it was kinda fun/entertaining to watch the funeral 'cop'/traffic cars zooming around.  The long line was amazing also.  Grandpa was watching down and laughing, i'm sure!!

We pulled up to the cemetary and it was amazing to see all the millitary people that had came out.  Grandpa put 20 years into the military and was in 3 branches, so he deserved it.  There was 3 troops like 27 people that came out.  They gave grandma a flag and bullet shells.  It was a very special part that we all cherished!  Just wish we had photos of it, oh well!

After we had a reception at our church with food!  This was nice.  After we went back to grandmas for 2 hours to say goodbye to family.

So all in all, it has been a good 2 days of celebrating Grandpa's life.  I felt his presence and I know he and my other grandpa also have an eye on me up there. <3

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