Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I wasn't ever super close to my grandpa, but I do have several memories with him.  Today I wanted to write those down so I had them to look back on! :)
  • My grandpa had an alarm for everything!  An alarm in the driveway that went off when someone drove into driveway  (Which my dad has too and is really handy!), an alarm for when the mailbox was open and when someone walked past the porch.  I have vivid memories of all those going off :)
  • My grandpa loved when the mail came.  Whenever the alarm went off he would race out to the mail!!
  • My grandpa owned a Chem Dry franchise (which my dad has owned for quite some years) and once my dad took over my Grandpa answered the phones.  I remember many times when the phone would ring, Grandpa jumping out of his chair, going to his office and answering the phone. (Over past 3 or so years he slowly stopped answering phones)
  • My grandpa loved Runza!  LOVED! 
  • He also loved his milk!
  • He was married to my grandma for 54 years, I want a love/marriage like that <3
  • He loved the Huskers...he was always wearing husker gear and had season tickets (even though he hadn't gone to a game in yrs...grandkids go to games)
  • He loved bank runs!  Being part of Chem Dry he made many trips to the bank!
  • He had a dog named Snow Ball who he loved and was devastated when she died 10+ years ago.  Though he never got another dog.
  • He was in the military for 20 years and was apart of the 24th Med.  The same unit my dad later was apart of (Found that out recently).
My grandpa was a great man and I miss him so much <3

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