Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break Recap

Can I just say that I had a great break!!  Couldn't ask for a better break :)

Here is a recap of my 2014 Spring Break!!

Break started after our last class on Friday 3-14-14.  I had to work so I didn't get home til 6:30!  That Saturday I went to Sam's durby for Cub Scouts, we ate lunch, I went with mom and step dad to the grocery store and then just relaxed the rest of the day!
We did go on a family walk!  I love that we have our dog Buddy to go with us on walks now :)
We also had a yummy dinner!  A summer like dinner, it was delicious! 

Sunday I met Kayleen for an afternoon of shopping!  It was so much fun!
I must say that this may now be one of my favorite pictures of me & Kayleen!  To see what I got on my shopping trip click here!
We grabbed Charley's in the food court before we left, I've never had it but it definitely was yummy!
After I went to go babysit my favorite two twins!!
It was only an hour but I loved it!  I had missed them!!

Monday morning I had a dentist cavities thankfully!  And then I went home, ate lunch, ordered some pictures and then went to Walmart to pick up the pictures. 
 That afternoon I ran around town tyring to find a special photo frame to put grandpa's photo with me in!
I found it at Hallmark and I just love it.  It is special and means a lot to me <3

Tuesday I spent the day at my grandma's.  That evening I had dinner with my friend Ashley!!  We went to Cracker Barrel and it was fun like always!  Always good to catch up!!!
Wednesday I had an extremely lazy morning and then spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing!
I had this puppy as my company!!

Thursday I visited the daycare then had lunch at Panera!
Me and Buddy also went on a walk!  I'm so happy that I now have a walking buddy!!
That night we went to Olive Garden, it was yummy!

Friday my brothers had no school so I had a lazy day with them!  That night I went to see Divergent with Kayleen, it was a good movie!

Saturday I was lazy and then babysat the twins again from 3 to 6:30pm!  Then lazy evening!

Sunday we went grocery shopping, stopped by moms, had lunch and then cleaned up this mess!
We are guessing a newspaper delivery person lost 15 to 30 papers!!!  It was insane!!

That evening I went back to school!

It was a great break and makes me want these 2 months to go by super fast as I'm ready to be home for the summer!! :)

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