Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Shopping Haul

I went shopping this weekend so I thought I would share what I got!!
I got some picture frames from Dollar general!  One was on clearance!
I have had a visa type giftcard to a mall for awhile so I finally spent that on these body washes and the scarfs that are below!!
I couldn't say no to clearance $5 PJ pants!  They are sooo soft!!!!
The scarfs were $5 at Charlotte Russe!  I love scarfs and that's a great they are infinite and so cute!
Got this shirt and the pink one below from Rue 21!  If I bought one, the other was $1 so good deal!
Kayleen convinced me to get the long skirt that i'm wearing in that picture, so comfy!

All in all a great trip :)

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