Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day In The Life Of A College Student: Tues/Thurs

Hello all!  I have a M/W/F Day in the life that will be up sometime soon!  Need to take pictures for it :)  

7:15am -- The alarm goes off and the tired me is reluctant to get up.  Skipping class crosses my mind several times, but I know better.  I check my phone before finally getting out of bed
7:20am -- get up, go to the bathroom and put my contacts in
7:24am -- Get dressed, brush hair, put jewelry and deodorant on 
7:30 -- Eat breakfast while checking the internet
7:40 -- Brush teeth 
7:47am -- Head out the door and to class
8am -- English Class begins

9:15am -- Class is over and head to my 9:30 class
^^Boredom before class
9:30 -- Art class
10:45 -- Class over, check mail before heading back to dorm
11 to 12 -- Homework or just be lazy surfing the internet
12pm -- Lunch time!!!!
12:40 -- Back in room, get ready for next class
1pm -- Communication class (on lowest floor of my building so not far)
2:15pm -- Class over and back to room.  Do homework til work!
3:45pm -- Head off to work!
4pm -- Work!  My favorite time of the day <3
5pmish -- Off work about this time depending on numbers and when babies leave!
5:15 to 6:20 -- Homework, clean room, chill to dinner
6:20 -- Dinner time! (Friend has band til this time!)
7pm -- If I have homework then I finish otherwise hang out with friend or watch Youtube videos
8pm -- About this time I take a shower
8:30-10pm -- Hang out in room or with friends
10pm -- Bedtime!  Typically asleep by 11pm!  This is the one night that I can stay up late since I don't have class on M/W/F til 10am :)

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