Sunday, April 13, 2014

Relay For Life 2014

Friday from 6pm til Saturday at 6am I participated in Relay For Life at my college.  I had never been to a Relay so I had no clue what to expect.  It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I took part in it!

Photo taken by Jenn N.
I had to be there at 5pm to help hand out ribbons!  Everyone that walked in got one, our team made them!

6pm was the start and opening ceremonies.  They did the survival walk, which was very cool!  All of my friends were there which was nice!  Plus some of the parents!
Photo token by Jenn N.

I spent the hours doing random things.  I walked tons of laps, just and talked with friends and parents, watched events going on like Jenn doing Locks of Love, Miss Relay, Best Friend Contest and other things.

My mom and Grandma also came for almost 2 hours so I got to hang out with them too.

It was a great time and i'll stop talking and show you pictures!!

 The entrance.  The Jungle was the theme!

These two are the reason why I relay!  Hope to get to do it for years and years to come!!

The track during Luminary ceremony. 
We used glow sticks to put in the luminaries.  
 One group did nail painting and I paid $5, but sadly they smudged so I had to take them off already!


 These were taken at 5am so not many people still around!!

Me and my RA!

These two are the soul behind why I relay <3  In honor of them.  I know they were looking down and smiling during these events.  I just know it <3

I actually had a lot of energy during Relay!  I also had to have 2 pops during it :P   When it got over at 6am,  I went to back to the dorm and then crashed!  The rest of the weekend was a lazy one!!
The we survived and are very tired picture!!

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