Friday, April 11, 2014

Why I Relay

This is a very fitting image for today!  Well tonight :)

Tonight I will be participate Relay For Life at my college with hundreds of other people!  Not only will my friends be there, but also one friends mom and fiance, both parents for 2 of my friends and also my mom and grandma for a couple hours.

Not only have I never been to relay, so that it will be special anyways, but it means even more after losing Grandpa to cancer last month.  

My college has been posting students with their answer of Why Do You Relay?  So here is my answer....

I relay for....
My Grandpa's
Step Cousin Leah
All other family members affected by cancer
For A Cure!!!!

Today shall be interesting and fun!  What will be the most interesting is the staying up til 6am the next morning, midnight is hard to do most nights!!  I shall be back hopefully Monday for a post all about how Relay went and hopefully pictures :)


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