Monday, April 28, 2014

Why A Small College For Me

Saturday I visited a public University to go to an art meseum for my art class and as I'm walking around I see how different a big university is compared to my college.  And I came up with the following reason's why a small college is for me!

  1. Small Town Atmosphere -- not only is the college in a small town, but with the college is smaller, you know more people if not by name atleast by their face!
  2. Anywhere on campus that you need to get is in like 5 minutes range!  You could not do that on a big campus.  To get across campus on big campuses you sometimes have to drive or take busses!  CRAZY!
  3. Biggest class size is 30 people!  That is a tiny class size in a big university!  I love that the professors know me by need and I can feel comfortable going to them with any questions.
  4. The teacher teaches the class not TA's!
  5. Just the atmosphere in general:)

I couldn't imagine going to any other college!  I love my small town college!

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