Friday, May 30, 2014

Well Hello

This dang post has been sitting as an open tab on my internet half finished for days so I am finally going to finish it!  Sorry for the lack of posts!!  Hope to get better at it next week!  Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has an amazing weekend :)
Hello everyone!  It's been awhile!! :)
Blogging has taken a back seat with Finals week, moving back home, step brother's graduating, working a ton and trying to get my rooms organized and back into good shape!  Before I give a little update with some pictures I want to say if you haven't seen my post about finals week and thoughts about my first year of college check them out!

Here are some pictures from the last days at college!
We went to go get ice cream on the last night!!

Gonna miss this girl next year!

Time to head home!

On May 18th my step brother's graduated from high school.  Here are a couple pictures from that.
Me & My Grandma! (Ignore my brothers hand by my grandmas face :P)

My mom & me

Me & buddy!

The fam bam!

Last Monday (5/19) I started back at the daycare.  It definitely has kept me busy!!  But I love being back :)

Sunday (5/25) we went with my grandma to visit the cemetary that my grandpa, his and my grandma's baby that died at birth and other families are buried in.  
  The headstone isn't completely finished, just the base is on there but we still put flowers on the grave.  After this we went to Village Inn for brunch!  
It was sooo good and I totally would be up for eating this again ASAP!

Saturday and Sunday there was some beautiful sunsets so here are a couple pictures I snapped on my iPhone!

Sunday night I ended up going to Kayleen's to watch a movie, slept over and the next day we slept in and then went shopping-- her for a swimsuit and shorts for me!  I always love getting to spend time with my BFF! :)

I love this last picture!!

And to end this long post is some random pictures that I wanted to share!  Stop back Monday for a new post!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Survived First Year Of College

This was written Wednesday 5/14!  Meant to post it sooner but here it is!

Here I lay at 10:24pm on my last full day of freshman year of college and though I should be getting some before my 8:30am final I am writing my thoughts about this year!
It's been such a crazy Freshman year and though it feels like it went by slowly, it's hard to believe it's over already!  It's been such a great year and I've grown in so many ways.  I've gained my independence and loved almost every second of it.  I've learned your roommate may not necessarily become your best friend. (Though with my soon to be roommate I can see us on that path, and I'm very very thankful for that!).  I've also learned not to worry about others.  That you will go through many friends to find the right ones.  That the best things happen spontaneously.  To make memories and enjoy them.  That you will never know what's going to happen.  That some people have yet to learn to grow up and don't understand what it means to have to work.  That some people are going to try to use you to buy them things and give rides.  That I'm thankful Walmart is just up the street.  That you need to make time for family and death is apart of life.  That it's always nice to go home.  That free laundry is the best.  And there is no greater feeling then going back home and having your dog and half brother coming running to greet you!

It's been such an amazing year and I'm so excited to see what next year brings.  I'm going to miss all my friends here and my independence but I have a feeling that it will be nice to be home for the summer :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You Know It's Finals Week

You Know It's Finals Week When...........

Everyone is stressed out
and everyone is busy

You don't see your friends much, as your all doing your own things
From studying, to different times they eat and have finals, ect.

You don't care how you look
or how crazy your hair looks
All you are worried about is finals

Some people look tired from staying up studying

You say your goodbyes to everyone til fall
Unless they are graduating

People are moving things out of there room
And your room gets emptier by the day

You have your last weekend and days at college
Everyone is ready for summer

And you are a bad blogger :P

More to come from me after I get through today and tomorrow :)  Hope you enjoyed my humor!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Almost Summer 5 On Friday

Hello all and happy happy Friday!!  TGIF!

  1. This week was 'dead' week and next week is finals week!  I have a total of 4 finals.  My 5th class is just turning in a paper on Monday by noon!  Tuesday I have one final, Wednesday I have two and Thursday morning I have one!  I will be home bound by Thursday Afternoon!  Ready to ace these finals and end the semester with a bang :)
  2. As excited as I am to jump back into the home/working back at the daycare routine I will miss some of the independence and having one closet but that's another post for another day!  I will miss friends here, but really excited to see all the staff and kids at the daycare and just be home for awhile :)
  3. Tonight my college is putting on a outdoor movie like they did in the fall.  In the fall it was Monsters University and tonight it's Frozen so super excited for that!  Then tomorrow morning I will be headed home as Saturday is my dad's birthday, Sunday is Mother's day and I will be using the opportunity to take home as much stuff as possible! :)
  4. Last night one of the senior projects was a dancer that put on a dance show called 'let's go to the movies' that incoorpportae a bunch of other students (boys and girls) on campus and songs from popular movies like Beauty & The Beast and others!  It was SO SO SO SO Good!  It had the right mix of humor and serousness and was so good!  I went with my soon to be roommate and we got our first and many to come roommate pictures :) 
  5. I have been in such a great mood last night and today and it's just so nice!!  I really am blessed even when I don't always see it!  Happy Friday Friends!
This just puts me in a wonderful mood.  Watching the clock all day. Then burning out of here to my love.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

God's Plan

I believe that God has a plan for us, everything happens for a reason and things happen when they are meant to.  

A couple months ago talk about housing for the next year had started happening and I had noone to room with.  I was stressed out about it.  After kinda a freak out a friend told me to stop worrying about it and just to be positive about everything.  So I finally got to the point where I said the worse come situation would be to live alone if I didn't find anymore or the college didn't find anyone for me.  

About two months later I was talking to another friend about the whole situation and she mentioned that she thought her roommate was looking for a roommate and would mention something to her.  After that I emailed this girl and we decided to meet up and talk.  The talk was pretty much agreeing to room right away and everything went great.

Since then we got our room, wohoo!  And we have developed a friendship!  We have gone to dinner several time and have other plans!  We talk quite a bit and everything turned out great!  I think we will be great roommates and I love that we can do things together!  I think we are going to be good friends!

This really taught me to just put faith in God and what will happen is going to happen!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First Year Of College

I am currently finishing up my first year of college!  Next week (week of 5/12) is finals week and by next Thursday i'll be completely done with my first year of college!!

That is crazy to me!!  I feel like it wasn't all too long ago that I was moving in, going through Orientation week and starting to make friends!  I have gone through a lot since those first days, and I am so happy that I have almost finished my first year!  Time flies!!

As exciting as summer and being done for the year is, I'm super excited for next year!  Excited about my new room and roommate.  Excited about finally taking two education classes.  Just excited for the new year!

I just wanted to stop in and say hold crazy that my first year is almost over and i'm excited to be going home for the summer!  Also working at the daycare back at home!

Monday     Tuesday

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2nd Semester M/W/F Day In The Life

I reallly feel like everyday is different and not the same, but since I don't want to do 5 day in the life posts, I will do 2.  One for Monday/Wednesday/Fridays and one for Tuesday/Thursdays.  And I will just point out which thinks can be different!  So here is a somewhat typical Day in the Life of my Monday/Wednesday/Friday's.  Let me know if you enjoy these!!

9am -- The alarm goes off.  I think "I don't want to get up" and then check my phone.  I waste several minutes checking my social media.  Then when either A. I need to go to the restroom so badly i'm forced up or B. i'm done wasting time.
9:03-9:07am -- I think "I hope nobody sees me when I walk to the restroom" because of the fact I have bedhead and just got out of bed!  I go to the restroom and head back to the room.  Typically roommate is up by the time I'm back in the room.
9:10am -- I pick out what to wear if I haven't already (the hardiest decision some mornings) and then I get dressed.  I will do my hair, put my watch and earrings in, grab my contact case and head to the bathroom to put them in.
9:25 -- I'm back in the room.  I grab breakfast (granola bar and sunny D) and check around the internet while I eat
9:35 -- Depending on how speedy i've been in the morning I will have time to make my bed, open up the blinds, fold up my PJ's and then lay in my bed for 5 minutes and waste time.
9:45 -- I get my shoes and coat on, grab my backpack, put a water in my backpack, grab my keys and phone and head out the door.
9:50 -- I get to my History class
10am -- History class begins
10:45/10:50 -- History class is over.  My friend and I walk to the building next door for math class!
11 -- Math class begins
11:50 -- Math ends.  Me and two friends walk to lunch, meeting 3 friends there.
12 -- We deal with crazy long cafeteria lines and eventually eat
12:30-12:45 -- Lunch is over, we have "Mail Time" aka check our mailboxes before me and whoever is going back to the dorm head on back.
12:30-1:00 -- Most days, I waste atleast the first half an hour in my room.  Either checking the internet or watching youtube videos.
**Last couple weeks I have been working 1 to 6pm but here is what before that use to look like**
1-2pm -- Most of the times I will either continue to be lazy or work on some homework
2pm -- Roommate leaves for class so most of the time I will turn some music on and pick up the room and make my bed.  Or I will continue working on homework.
3:30 -- If I haven't already finished homework, I will stop for now.  I go to the bathroom, get my shoes on and get ready for work.
3:40-3:50 -- I will leave for work
4pm -- I am at work in the baby room.  I will sit with babies, feed them or change diapers.  I stick around until there are 4 babies left.  Which is typically between 4:20 and 5pm.  Depends on the day!  On Mondays, I will stay past the 4 babies mark.  The person I work with typically does this, but on Monday's I do it.  I stay until the toddler room and baby room (my room) have 4 or less chidren.  Typically between 5:10 and 5:30pm.
Dinner -- Monday's I will go straight from work to cafeteria.  I drive and park in the cafeteria parking lot and meet my friends for lunch.  This is typically 5:30pm.  On Wednesday, we eat at 5pm.  Friday, just depends.
Mondays 6pm -- Typically back to the room.  I either watch youtube videos, blog or work on homework.
Mondays 7pm -- I watch my show
Mondays 8pm -- I shower and then do random things 
Wednesdays 5:30 -- Back to the room, work on homework or do random web surfing.  
7:30/8pm -- Shower and random web surfing
9:30 -- I typically call it  a night, turn off the lights and head to bed.  Sometimes closer to 10:30pm by the time I fall asleep.   7am comes fast the next morning!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Picture Update

I have lot's of pictures on my phone that I haven't uploaded to the blog so I thought I would do a photo dump/update of what's been happening!  They are in random order so bare with me!
Random selfie lol
I love the pretty decorated window so much!

Me and a friend went to a play they were putting on here last night, it was lot's of fun!

And then we had a late night Walmart run to get food and then we watched movies and ate!

Last Wednesday we had Stop Day which is where classes are stopped for the day.  It was a cold day but here is a picture from watching Canoe races!!
 Stop day fod!

Last weekend my friend and I went to an art Museum that I had to go to for a paper and then went shopping, it was a fun weekend!
2 weeks ago from Thursday one friend parents had came up and they had us watch their dogs while they went to dinner, we walked for an hour and it was a much needed break!

And that's an end to the pictures!  This week is my last week of classes and then next week is final weeks so i'll be busy!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Since Grandpa Died: 2 months

Exactly 2 months ago, Grandpa passed away.  

I'd say this last month my life has gone back to "normal".  Meaning it has gone back to living my life and not being in that mourning/shock phase anymore.  The part of living life after loss.  Knowing you got to live your life without them and knowing that they are always with you.  Watching over you.

There has been some times this month where I will really miss him.  I will look at his picture or be at his/my grandma's house and think it's so weird that he isn't here anymore.  Part of me will always miss him and be sad, but I don't want to live my life and day-to-day being sad all the time.  He wouldn't want that.  He wants me to live my life and I try to make him proud.  

It hasn't been an easy 2 months, but it gets easier with time.  Blogging about my emotions and feelings really has helped me cope.  I know it's not very happy or exciting to read, but I like having it all done on paper (or in this case the blog) to have to look back on and also to help me cope.  It helps to get all my feelings out.  Thus I will probably keep doing these type of post for the next couple of months.

I had ordered a necklace in honor of him awhile ago and hopefully it will be here soon.  There will be a post on that once I get it!  Happy Friday everyone!

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