Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2nd Semester M/W/F Day In The Life

I reallly feel like everyday is different and not the same, but since I don't want to do 5 day in the life posts, I will do 2.  One for Monday/Wednesday/Fridays and one for Tuesday/Thursdays.  And I will just point out which thinks can be different!  So here is a somewhat typical Day in the Life of my Monday/Wednesday/Friday's.  Let me know if you enjoy these!!

9am -- The alarm goes off.  I think "I don't want to get up" and then check my phone.  I waste several minutes checking my social media.  Then when either A. I need to go to the restroom so badly i'm forced up or B. i'm done wasting time.
9:03-9:07am -- I think "I hope nobody sees me when I walk to the restroom" because of the fact I have bedhead and just got out of bed!  I go to the restroom and head back to the room.  Typically roommate is up by the time I'm back in the room.
9:10am -- I pick out what to wear if I haven't already (the hardiest decision some mornings) and then I get dressed.  I will do my hair, put my watch and earrings in, grab my contact case and head to the bathroom to put them in.
9:25 -- I'm back in the room.  I grab breakfast (granola bar and sunny D) and check around the internet while I eat
9:35 -- Depending on how speedy i've been in the morning I will have time to make my bed, open up the blinds, fold up my PJ's and then lay in my bed for 5 minutes and waste time.
9:45 -- I get my shoes and coat on, grab my backpack, put a water in my backpack, grab my keys and phone and head out the door.
9:50 -- I get to my History class
10am -- History class begins
10:45/10:50 -- History class is over.  My friend and I walk to the building next door for math class!
11 -- Math class begins
11:50 -- Math ends.  Me and two friends walk to lunch, meeting 3 friends there.
12 -- We deal with crazy long cafeteria lines and eventually eat
12:30-12:45 -- Lunch is over, we have "Mail Time" aka check our mailboxes before me and whoever is going back to the dorm head on back.
12:30-1:00 -- Most days, I waste atleast the first half an hour in my room.  Either checking the internet or watching youtube videos.
**Last couple weeks I have been working 1 to 6pm but here is what before that use to look like**
1-2pm -- Most of the times I will either continue to be lazy or work on some homework
2pm -- Roommate leaves for class so most of the time I will turn some music on and pick up the room and make my bed.  Or I will continue working on homework.
3:30 -- If I haven't already finished homework, I will stop for now.  I go to the bathroom, get my shoes on and get ready for work.
3:40-3:50 -- I will leave for work
4pm -- I am at work in the baby room.  I will sit with babies, feed them or change diapers.  I stick around until there are 4 babies left.  Which is typically between 4:20 and 5pm.  Depends on the day!  On Mondays, I will stay past the 4 babies mark.  The person I work with typically does this, but on Monday's I do it.  I stay until the toddler room and baby room (my room) have 4 or less chidren.  Typically between 5:10 and 5:30pm.
Dinner -- Monday's I will go straight from work to cafeteria.  I drive and park in the cafeteria parking lot and meet my friends for lunch.  This is typically 5:30pm.  On Wednesday, we eat at 5pm.  Friday, just depends.
Mondays 6pm -- Typically back to the room.  I either watch youtube videos, blog or work on homework.
Mondays 7pm -- I watch my show
Mondays 8pm -- I shower and then do random things 
Wednesdays 5:30 -- Back to the room, work on homework or do random web surfing.  
7:30/8pm -- Shower and random web surfing
9:30 -- I typically call it  a night, turn off the lights and head to bed.  Sometimes closer to 10:30pm by the time I fall asleep.   7am comes fast the next morning!!

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