Friday, May 9, 2014

Almost Summer 5 On Friday

Hello all and happy happy Friday!!  TGIF!

  1. This week was 'dead' week and next week is finals week!  I have a total of 4 finals.  My 5th class is just turning in a paper on Monday by noon!  Tuesday I have one final, Wednesday I have two and Thursday morning I have one!  I will be home bound by Thursday Afternoon!  Ready to ace these finals and end the semester with a bang :)
  2. As excited as I am to jump back into the home/working back at the daycare routine I will miss some of the independence and having one closet but that's another post for another day!  I will miss friends here, but really excited to see all the staff and kids at the daycare and just be home for awhile :)
  3. Tonight my college is putting on a outdoor movie like they did in the fall.  In the fall it was Monsters University and tonight it's Frozen so super excited for that!  Then tomorrow morning I will be headed home as Saturday is my dad's birthday, Sunday is Mother's day and I will be using the opportunity to take home as much stuff as possible! :)
  4. Last night one of the senior projects was a dancer that put on a dance show called 'let's go to the movies' that incoorpportae a bunch of other students (boys and girls) on campus and songs from popular movies like Beauty & The Beast and others!  It was SO SO SO SO Good!  It had the right mix of humor and serousness and was so good!  I went with my soon to be roommate and we got our first and many to come roommate pictures :) 
  5. I have been in such a great mood last night and today and it's just so nice!!  I really am blessed even when I don't always see it!  Happy Friday Friends!
This just puts me in a wonderful mood.  Watching the clock all day. Then burning out of here to my love.

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