Thursday, May 8, 2014

God's Plan

I believe that God has a plan for us, everything happens for a reason and things happen when they are meant to.  

A couple months ago talk about housing for the next year had started happening and I had noone to room with.  I was stressed out about it.  After kinda a freak out a friend told me to stop worrying about it and just to be positive about everything.  So I finally got to the point where I said the worse come situation would be to live alone if I didn't find anymore or the college didn't find anyone for me.  

About two months later I was talking to another friend about the whole situation and she mentioned that she thought her roommate was looking for a roommate and would mention something to her.  After that I emailed this girl and we decided to meet up and talk.  The talk was pretty much agreeing to room right away and everything went great.

Since then we got our room, wohoo!  And we have developed a friendship!  We have gone to dinner several time and have other plans!  We talk quite a bit and everything turned out great!  I think we will be great roommates and I love that we can do things together!  I think we are going to be good friends!

This really taught me to just put faith in God and what will happen is going to happen!
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