Monday, May 5, 2014

Picture Update

I have lot's of pictures on my phone that I haven't uploaded to the blog so I thought I would do a photo dump/update of what's been happening!  They are in random order so bare with me!
Random selfie lol
I love the pretty decorated window so much!

Me and a friend went to a play they were putting on here last night, it was lot's of fun!

And then we had a late night Walmart run to get food and then we watched movies and ate!

Last Wednesday we had Stop Day which is where classes are stopped for the day.  It was a cold day but here is a picture from watching Canoe races!!
 Stop day fod!

Last weekend my friend and I went to an art Museum that I had to go to for a paper and then went shopping, it was a fun weekend!
2 weeks ago from Thursday one friend parents had came up and they had us watch their dogs while they went to dinner, we walked for an hour and it was a much needed break!

And that's an end to the pictures!  This week is my last week of classes and then next week is final weeks so i'll be busy!!

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