Friday, May 2, 2014

Since Grandpa Died: 2 months

Exactly 2 months ago, Grandpa passed away.  

I'd say this last month my life has gone back to "normal".  Meaning it has gone back to living my life and not being in that mourning/shock phase anymore.  The part of living life after loss.  Knowing you got to live your life without them and knowing that they are always with you.  Watching over you.

There has been some times this month where I will really miss him.  I will look at his picture or be at his/my grandma's house and think it's so weird that he isn't here anymore.  Part of me will always miss him and be sad, but I don't want to live my life and day-to-day being sad all the time.  He wouldn't want that.  He wants me to live my life and I try to make him proud.  

It hasn't been an easy 2 months, but it gets easier with time.  Blogging about my emotions and feelings really has helped me cope.  I know it's not very happy or exciting to read, but I like having it all done on paper (or in this case the blog) to have to look back on and also to help me cope.  It helps to get all my feelings out.  Thus I will probably keep doing these type of post for the next couple of months.

I had ordered a necklace in honor of him awhile ago and hopefully it will be here soon.  There will be a post on that once I get it!  Happy Friday everyone!

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