Friday, May 30, 2014

Well Hello

This dang post has been sitting as an open tab on my internet half finished for days so I am finally going to finish it!  Sorry for the lack of posts!!  Hope to get better at it next week!  Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has an amazing weekend :)
Hello everyone!  It's been awhile!! :)
Blogging has taken a back seat with Finals week, moving back home, step brother's graduating, working a ton and trying to get my rooms organized and back into good shape!  Before I give a little update with some pictures I want to say if you haven't seen my post about finals week and thoughts about my first year of college check them out!

Here are some pictures from the last days at college!
We went to go get ice cream on the last night!!

Gonna miss this girl next year!

Time to head home!

On May 18th my step brother's graduated from high school.  Here are a couple pictures from that.
Me & My Grandma! (Ignore my brothers hand by my grandmas face :P)

My mom & me

Me & buddy!

The fam bam!

Last Monday (5/19) I started back at the daycare.  It definitely has kept me busy!!  But I love being back :)

Sunday (5/25) we went with my grandma to visit the cemetary that my grandpa, his and my grandma's baby that died at birth and other families are buried in.  
  The headstone isn't completely finished, just the base is on there but we still put flowers on the grave.  After this we went to Village Inn for brunch!  
It was sooo good and I totally would be up for eating this again ASAP!

Saturday and Sunday there was some beautiful sunsets so here are a couple pictures I snapped on my iPhone!

Sunday night I ended up going to Kayleen's to watch a movie, slept over and the next day we slept in and then went shopping-- her for a swimsuit and shorts for me!  I always love getting to spend time with my BFF! :)

I love this last picture!!

And to end this long post is some random pictures that I wanted to share!  Stop back Monday for a new post!!

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