Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Weekend Over!

Happy Happy Monday!

I'm a little late on getting up a post today so I thought I would do a weekend recap!

I had a pretty chill weekend, but it was relaxing and nice :)

Friday night I went grocery shopping with my dad, watched a little Gossip Girl and just chilled at home!
(How gorgeous are those clouds?)
Also indulged in some S'mores!

(Don't worry...I didn't take this pic!  My dad did)
Saturday was spent sleeping in, having a lazy morning, doing some laundry and chores and just relaxing!

Sunday I went to church with my dad, his girlfriend, my brother and my grandma!  After we went to visit Grandpa's grave, another family members grave and then went to Cracker Barrel!  It was a great morning with family!!

The rest of the day was pretty lazy, but I did see Kayleen for a little bit for a Walmart run!  Great easy-going weekend!

Come back tomorrow for a tag question answer blog! :)

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