Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthday Wish List

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My birthday is in 45 days!  Here is my wishlist of things I want for my Birthday!

  • Charms for my Origami Owl necklace!  I wear it about everyday! :)  I got it for Graduation last year and have added charms to my collection since then!
    • Crystal Silver Butterfly
    • Ladybug
    • Crystal Silver Dog Paw
    • Silver Faith
    • Silver Double Angel Wing
  • Target Giftcard!
    • I love target too much so wouldn't complain about this!!
  • Cupcake/Cake decorating class
    • This is something that is my dream of doing!  I would love to be able to be good at baking and decorating :)  Plus it would be fun to take!
  • Any scarfs, necklaces or bracelets :)
  • Edible Arrangement!
    • these just look yummy :)
  • Snowglobes
    • love collecting these!!
  • Wallet that can hold my iPhone 5c
Those are just some of the ideas I can think of!  When is your birthday and what are you wanting!  Let me know below :)

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