Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Excited For Florida

Last night me and my best friend out mani's/pedi's before Florida!!
I wanted to write out my feelings and thoughts about this upcoming trip for when I can't remember all I was thinking about before this trip!  For looking back purposes!  Because this blog is to store memories :) (Also note that i'm not bragging, just expressing my feelings!)

My trip is in the signal digits away and i'm just sooooooooo excited!!  I feel like the closer it gets the more excited I get! :-)  It's crazy thinking that this all just came out of an idea!  Kayleen had posted a throwback picture of her and her family on the beach in Florida and her missing Florida.  Then her cousins that live in FL said that she is always welcome to stay with them.  So we kinda talked about it and then I decided to look at flights to see if there was a cheap flight because that would be the only way it would happen!  And to my surprise the round trip cost wasn't too bad.  After talking it over with family and many weeks of thinking about it, figuring out the flights and working everything out we finally booked our flights on June 18th, a little over 2 months before our trip!

The main feeling I am feeling is just pure excitement!  I feel so proud/blessed that Kayleen and I are both able to afford this trip and be able to take it.  I think it was good that we took advantage of this opportunity while we are young, have money and aern't tied down by anything!  This trip is not only going to be good bonding time for us and we will make some great memories together and I wouldn't want to take this trip with anyone but her!

I'm excited for this trip and hope the trip doesn't go by TOO quickly!! :)

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