Tuesday, July 8, 2014


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Back in the end of May my best friend mentioned that she missed Florida and her cousins commented on her post about this (they live in Florida) and said their house was always open for visitors.  So this struck the idea of us going to Florida.  At first it really was just an idea/dream and then I decided to just look and see how much flights were as if it was to happen it would have to have cheap flights!  So we started looking and prices weren't too bad.
After many weeks of talking about, seeing if Kayleen's family was ok with it, figuring out who was going, dates to go, if we could get off work and ect. we finally picked dates and booked our flight!

Kayleen (my best friend), her younger brother and me will be going to Florida in early August!! :-)

We aren't exactly sure what we will be doing as we still need to plan stuff but we will be staying with her family and most likely going to Sea World one day, a trip or two to the beach and much more!  It will be my 2nd time ever flying and Kayleen doesn't like flying so it shall be interesting!! ;)
I'm super excited and it's coming faster and faster!!!  Less then a month away!  So I will have some exciting posts about that come August!  

Before I leave I just wanted to say that if you are interested in guest blogging on my blog in August please contact me!  You can email me at jclosner(at)ymail(dot)com! :)

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