Monday, July 21, 2014

This Past Week In Pictures

Monday July 14th
I worked 7 to 1pm and then relaxed at home the rest of the afternoon.  
Around 6pm I went over to Kayleens.
We hung out, talked for awhile and then we went for a walk with her dog!
There was such a pretty sunset on our walk!

After the walk we hung out on her patio, had some ice cream and jello cake, talked a bunch more and just hung out until I headed home around 10pm!
It was a great night with great company!  It was just a relaxing easy-going type of evening which was nice!!

This definitely has to be a new favorite picture of us!!

Tuesday July 15th
I worked 8:30 to 4:30 so it was a long day but i was back in my room that i've worked in the majority of the summer and back to the same old routine so it was nice!  Sadly I took no pictures since all I did was worked all day!!

Wednesday July 16th
Another long day!  I worked 8:30 to 5pm.  The only pictures I took was of the sunset!

I don't know what it is about these sunsets this summer!  Either they are extra pretty, i've noticed them more or I just am in love with my iPhone camera because I take soooooo many sunset pictures!

Thursday July 17th
A long and busy day and I didn't even work!!

I was not on the schedule to work on Thursday so I decided to take advantage of the day off (instead of being annoyed with the lack of hours) and go see my Grandma who I haven't gotten a chance to spend a lot of time with this summer due to being so busy working all the time!!

I got up early (6AM early) and went to my dads to ride with him to my Grandma's.  I hung out for awhile, made labels for my Grandma and loaded the car before we went out for the morning.  We dropped off things at a recycling center and GodWIll and then grabbed some yummy brunch at Village Inn and then went to Kohls.  After that we relaxed for about an hour before my friend Jenn from college got me to spend the afternoon together!

(Don't ask me why the water is so green!)
We went to the zoo!  It was a fun afternoon!  After that we went to Scooters to get refreshments before me heading back to my grandmas and then back to dads and then I drove back to my moms!
I got a little time to relax and eat dinner before Kayleen got me!  I went with her to a church group hang out (I went with her to a service with this church group 2 weeks ago).  I met some people I met last time and some new people!  We played beach volleyball (which I am in love with currently), hung out and talked to some people, kicked the soccer ball around, had some snacks and played more beach volleyball!  It was a fun night!
I finally got home shortly after 11pm and was asleep a little before midnight!  Going to bed late thinking I could sleep in the next morning since I wasn't scheduled to work til 3!

Friday July 18th
I heard my phone vibrate at 6:30am and saw it was a group text from my boss asking if anyone could come in at 8 or 9am.  I decided that I would set an alarm for 7:30am and if noone responded and if my boss still needed someone to work then I would agree to work at 9am.  An hour passed with noone else replying so I got up and agreed to work!  I was a little lacking on sleep but with a little caffeine I made it through!  I work 9 to 5:15pm!
I got home relaxed, ate dinner, watched some Youtube and watched a firework show our town put on that we could see from our deck!  By then it was 10:30 and I was more then ready for bed!!

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