Thursday, August 28, 2014

Traveling Home (Day Seven Of Florida)

Day 7, Friday August 8th, we left Sunny Florida to head back to good old Nebraska!

 Our flight left at 2pm so we got there around 11:45, had coffee/smoothies at Starbucks and then went through security and found our gate!
 ^Airport Selfie
Saying goodbye to the Florida rays and plam trees :(

 Our flight was a little bumpy but nothing too bad!  Plus got that pretty sky/cloud picture :)
 Sad to be leaving Florida!! :(

After our first flight we had a layover in Chicago Midland...We had to cross the entire airport to a random long hallways with our gate at the end...that was fun!  We had time to eat before boarding our flight back to NE! 

 ^Ready to be home sweet home!

This flight was a little more rough and we had to go around storms but how sweet are these layers of clouds!!?

And we made it home around 7pm that evening!!

While it was an amazing trip it was so nice to be home! :)  It was a trip I will never forget and so thankful for all the pictures and blog posts I have to document it:)

This concludes my Florida posts :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gathering (Day Six Of Florida)

Day 6 was our last full day in Florida!  

That evening there was planned to be a dinner/get together with Kayleen's other side of the family (We stayed with her mom's parents, but her dad's brothers family live in FL and her dad's sister and parents were out in FL visiting while we were there too), and 2 set of family friends.  So most of the day was spent getting ready for that!
 In the morning we slept in and then made this yummy desert for later!
 Some of kayleen's cousins showed up at 2 and we cooked and made a trip to the store.  Everyone else came at 5!  We ate, enjoyed each others company, and some of us swam!
 The rest of the night was spent relaxing!  And we took some pictures :)

Day 7, returning home day, shall be up tomorrow & then all the Florida posts will be done :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disney Condo's & Swimming (Day Five Of Florida)

The fifth day of Florida was spent with sleeping in in the morning, visiting one of Kayleen's family friends, eating lunch, and then driving an hour to Kayleen's other side of the families Disney Condo's that her other grandparents, aunt, cousin & 2nd cousin were staying.  
 These condos had 6 condos in a circle and in the inside was the huge fountian/pond but behind each condo was a swimming pool or something to do.  So we got to swim and just hang out with Kayleen's cousins, it was a lot of fun!! :)
 After an afternoon swimming we ate pizza, went for a walk, & swam/sat in the hot tub on last time!!
By the time we got home it was late and we were tired!!

Not many pictures from this day as it was mostly spent swimming & just enjoying the company! :)
Day 6 of Florida post will be up tomorrow!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Settling In

Hey all!

I just wanted to pop in real quick and give you an update on myself :)

  • Saturday was my birthday and although it wasn't anything too special it was a great birthday!  I mostly spent it running errands and packing but Kayleen (my best friend) made it pretty fun!  I will eventually have a post up bout this! (If I can ever get Florida posts done :P)
  • Sunday was move in day!  We arrived on campus around 10am, checked in and then moved into the hall!  Around 11:30 once everything was moved in we went and grabbed lunch.  After that I said my goodbyes to the family and spent most of the day unpacking and getting things organized!  There was almost a Walmart trip, dinner with roommate and her friend and then that evening I saw one of my friends.  I got to see some other friends and just enjoy being around my friends!  After that I watch a movie with roommate for awhile before I went and showered and finally got to bed after 11pm!  It was a long day!!!
  • I am definitely getting settled in and thrown back into the college lyfe!
  • My classes started today!  I had 3 on M/W/F and 3 also on T/Th!  I'm definitely feeling overwhelmed already, and my classes already seem harder then my last semesters :/
  • I definitely think I will be busy with homework so enjoying this afternoon to get some blog posts up!  Hopefully I won't fall behind on my blogging as I get back into college life!!

  • Day 5 of Florida post will be up tomorrow, come back and check it out!! :)

    Saturday, August 23, 2014

    Sophomore Year

    Tomorrow (8/24) i move back to college.  I wanted to document my feelings about tomorrow!

    I was reading my post from the day before I moved into college last year  and I had such feelings of excitement and nervousness for all the changes that were about to happen!  I feel like my feelings for this year are so different then ones of the previous year!

    This year I know what to expect.  I've been through this all before.  Though I am a little nervous about a couple things, I know that once I get back into the routines of everything I will be fine!

    I'm excited to get everything moved in and organized (moving things is the pain part lol) and for my new roommate.  I hope this year is even better and I continue to grow as a person and make new friends and grow my old friendships.  I hope to keep raising my GPA and i'm excited to finally start dipping my feet in some Education (my major) classes!

    Tomorrow starts another year at college and here's to a great year!!

    Look out for some Florida posts this week, I need to get them all posted already!! :)


    Today is August favorite day of the year as it is when everyone tells me....

    Yup, that's right!

    It's my birthday! :)

    While today should be a day of celebrating more then likely I will be packing and getting ready to move back into the dorms tomorrow!

    Have a great day everyone :)

    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    Looking Back On Starting College

    In less then 2 weeks I will be moving back to college and start my sophomore year!  As my step brother and others are getting ready to start their freshman year of College I can't help but think about how that was just me a year ago!  I remember those feelings and times so vidly so I thought I would reflect on those today!

    • Those feelings of I can't wait to get out of here!  When you are getting ready for college and start the new chapter of your life you are so excited for that that you really take for granted living at home and don't realize how much you will late miss home.  Me, as many others, are just so stuck in the mind set of being ready to be gone and becoming more independent!  But now, a year later, I feel bitter sweet about leaving home again.  After being gone from home, you realize how nice it is just to be home!  You don't realize it at the time, but being home is just an incredible feeling and you'll miss it!
    • Being just so excited to start college.  It's a new adventure, journey and ride to a whole new world of freedom, independence and life!  While that can be very scary and nerve racking (we will get to that next...), it is just so exciting!  You don't know what to except and you are just so excited to see what the future holds and how could you not be excited?!
    • As exciting as it can be it it is also so scary and nerve racking.  I am a worry-wort so that doesn't help being nervous about it all, but I remember wondering if I would make friends, if me and my roommate would get along, wondering what it would be like, nervous that I would like it and I would do well.  I think it's a natural thing to be nervous about something as big as starting college!
    • It's A LOT of change ALL AT ONCE!  It's not something little.  Your whole world changes!  You are no longer living at home, have to defend for yourself, make new friends, learn to be away from family and friends, learn to take car of yourself and get along without your parents!  I think all the chance makes the whole thing more scarier but the chance is well worth it!
    • It's just a whole new world.  With the good and the bad, it's just a new world.  You will grow as a person, deal with a lot of chance, and your life will just be so much different!  But college is just awesome and all the feeling you have beforehand will fade and college really is the time of your life!
    This post turned into a reflecting on last year/giving advice/talking about what college is, but if you are an incoming freshman then enjoy and embrace all the chances coming your way and enjoy college, I know you will! :)

    Monday, August 18, 2014

    The Beach & Shopping (Day Four Of Florida)

             Don't forget to go read about DAY ONE and DAY TWO and DAY THREE!

    The fourth day we went to the beach again!  This time her cousin's met us there so we swam in the ocean, enjoyed the water & the beach!  All before a storm headed that way!  Here are some of the pictures we took. LOL

    Our attempts at silly pictures failed but pretty funny pictures lol!

    I love this picture!!


    After we got cleaned up and changed we hit up some gift shops!!
    Once we got back to the house we swam!  We got some use out of this pool :)

    Ended the evening with a trip to the grocery store!
    It was a great day!

    3 more days of Florida to share with you all! :)  Day 5 will be up on Wednesday!!

    Friday, August 15, 2014

    A Haircut

    Don't forget to go read about DAY ONE and DAY TWO and DAY THREE in Florida!

    If you follow me on Social media (links on the side of my blog) then you would have seen this picture I posted yesterday....
               Yup....5 inches of my split ends hair GONE!

    As you can tell it was very needed and it now looks a lot healthier and thicker!  It was been atleast a year since it was last cut and so this trim was much needed, and even the hair stylus could tell it hasn't got cut in forever and was needed!
    Though I went it thinking I would cut 3 inches off tops the stylus showed me how much she thought was needed cut off to get rid of the split ends and I just decided to go with it.  I don't like getting my hair cut as I don't like feeling as though my hair is short as I went through a short hair phrase (shoulder length hair) and looking back I don't like my hair that way!  Plus $14 bucks to get rid of a whole inch or two of hair...I could spend that money on something way more enjoyable..:P  I'm cheap!
    I really didn't know what I thought at first and though I kinda wished I wouldn't have cut off so much, as today has gone on it has grown on me and I don't think it looks too shabby!  Though I will be looking forward to the day it is LONG again!  It's never long enough for my liking! :p  LOL
    So here's to a new school year with a new haircut!

    (I've forced myself to think positive about my hair as nothing I can do about it now then just enjoy it!!) 

    Thursday, August 14, 2014

    Aquatica (Day Three Of Florida)

    Don't forget to go read about DAY ONE and DAY TWO!
    Our third day of the trip was spent at a water park called Aquatica!  We got there right before it opened at 9am and where there til 5pm right before the storms rolled in!
     It was Kayleen, me, her cousin and a friend, kayleen's grandma and brother.
     We waited in lines, went down tube slides (most of the time same ones over and over), floating/swimming down the Rapids or Lazy river and just being in the water!
     It was a lot of fun and probably one of my favorite days even though i got a callus on my toe from it and a bad sunburn lol!
    When we finally got home after 6pm we were all tired so just hanged out for the rest of the night! :)

    Day 4 coming soon! :)

    Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    The Beach & The Movies (Day Two in Florida)

    Don't forget to go read about DAY ONE!

    Sorry in advance for all of these Florida posts, but i want to document this trip for looking back purposes but also just to share as it was a great trip!

    Day two was fishing/beach and a movie day!
    On the way to the beach!
    Does it get any more beautiful?
    Me and the ocean!

    Some of Kayleen's family chose to fish but I just enjoyed the view and water/beach!!

    We left the beach right before a storm rolled in!
    Then we hung out until dinner.  Here are all the selfies we took lol!

    That evening we went to see Guardian of the Galaxy!  A great movie, just not my favorite type of movie :)

    Not long after we got home, i was exhausted and fell asleep!

    Day three coming soon!

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