Friday, August 15, 2014

A Haircut

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If you follow me on Social media (links on the side of my blog) then you would have seen this picture I posted yesterday....
           Yup....5 inches of my split ends hair GONE!

As you can tell it was very needed and it now looks a lot healthier and thicker!  It was been atleast a year since it was last cut and so this trim was much needed, and even the hair stylus could tell it hasn't got cut in forever and was needed!
Though I went it thinking I would cut 3 inches off tops the stylus showed me how much she thought was needed cut off to get rid of the split ends and I just decided to go with it.  I don't like getting my hair cut as I don't like feeling as though my hair is short as I went through a short hair phrase (shoulder length hair) and looking back I don't like my hair that way!  Plus $14 bucks to get rid of a whole inch or two of hair...I could spend that money on something way more enjoyable..:P  I'm cheap!
I really didn't know what I thought at first and though I kinda wished I wouldn't have cut off so much, as today has gone on it has grown on me and I don't think it looks too shabby!  Though I will be looking forward to the day it is LONG again!  It's never long enough for my liking! :p  LOL
So here's to a new school year with a new haircut!

(I've forced myself to think positive about my hair as nothing I can do about it now then just enjoy it!!) 

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