Thursday, August 14, 2014

Aquatica (Day Three Of Florida)

Don't forget to go read about DAY ONE and DAY TWO!
Our third day of the trip was spent at a water park called Aquatica!  We got there right before it opened at 9am and where there til 5pm right before the storms rolled in!
 It was Kayleen, me, her cousin and a friend, kayleen's grandma and brother.
 We waited in lines, went down tube slides (most of the time same ones over and over), floating/swimming down the Rapids or Lazy river and just being in the water!
 It was a lot of fun and probably one of my favorite days even though i got a callus on my toe from it and a bad sunburn lol!
When we finally got home after 6pm we were all tired so just hanged out for the rest of the night! :)

Day 4 coming soon! :)

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