Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Reads -- Lauren's Guest Post

Hello everyone! One more great guest post before we are back to normal blogging! Hopefully i'll have the first of many vacation recaps parts up tomorrow! In the mean time enjoy this great post from Lauren over at Little Lion Gal! Thank you so much Lauren for guest blogging for me today :)

If you’ve ever spent time on the beach than you’ve seen people relaxing and reading. It’s almost a cliché to read on the beach. I thought that since this is the week that a lot of people go on vacation I would give you my list of must have beach reads.

The Summer Trilogy by Jenny Han
These three books are ones that I read every summer. I love the light, airy feel they have and it would be a nice way to relax on the beach. They are fun and girly romantic books.141696133X_01_LZZZZZZZ.jpg
Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate
Another light summer read. You might pick this book up and be scared by its large size but really it is such a light read that the size is perfect. I love how this has a different plot that I haven’t found in other books. In the books you find a girl stuck between three boys but there are plenty of twist and turns.
Bloom by Kelle Hampton
This is a memoir that will have your heart singing and full. I loved reading about how this mom dealt with her daughter’s down syndrome. You might cry and you might laugh but that’s all ok. This book isn’t as light as the other ones on my list but it is so worth the read.
Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen
I love the light, romantic plot to Sarah Dessen’s book. You can find scenes on the boardwalk and to me that is the ultimate summer scene. Well besides the beach anyway! Really if I was recommending a summer book to you it would be any of Sarah Dessen’s books. They are all so good!
Any books from the Student Across The Seven Seas Series
Last summer I started a series of books about girls who study abroad to different countries. They don’t all take place in summer time but its almost like they are on vacation. I think they are the perfect summer reads. All of the books are by different authors. I have read Westminster Abby by Micol Ostow, Getting the Boot by Peggy Gunthart Strauss, and Spain or Shine by Michelle Jellen.
I hope this list gives everyone at least one good book to read on the beach or even on the plane while you fly to your vacation destination. I had so much fun writing this for Jamie. Thanks so much Jamie for letting me steal your blog for the day!


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