Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disney Condo's & Swimming (Day Five Of Florida)

The fifth day of Florida was spent with sleeping in in the morning, visiting one of Kayleen's family friends, eating lunch, and then driving an hour to Kayleen's other side of the families Disney Condo's that her other grandparents, aunt, cousin & 2nd cousin were staying.  
 These condos had 6 condos in a circle and in the inside was the huge fountian/pond but behind each condo was a swimming pool or something to do.  So we got to swim and just hang out with Kayleen's cousins, it was a lot of fun!! :)
 After an afternoon swimming we ate pizza, went for a walk, & swam/sat in the hot tub on last time!!
By the time we got home it was late and we were tired!!

Not many pictures from this day as it was mostly spent swimming & just enjoying the company! :)
Day 6 of Florida post will be up tomorrow!!

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