Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Looking Back On Starting College

In less then 2 weeks I will be moving back to college and start my sophomore year!  As my step brother and others are getting ready to start their freshman year of College I can't help but think about how that was just me a year ago!  I remember those feelings and times so vidly so I thought I would reflect on those today!

  • Those feelings of I can't wait to get out of here!  When you are getting ready for college and start the new chapter of your life you are so excited for that that you really take for granted living at home and don't realize how much you will late miss home.  Me, as many others, are just so stuck in the mind set of being ready to be gone and becoming more independent!  But now, a year later, I feel bitter sweet about leaving home again.  After being gone from home, you realize how nice it is just to be home!  You don't realize it at the time, but being home is just an incredible feeling and you'll miss it!
  • Being just so excited to start college.  It's a new adventure, journey and ride to a whole new world of freedom, independence and life!  While that can be very scary and nerve racking (we will get to that next...), it is just so exciting!  You don't know what to except and you are just so excited to see what the future holds and how could you not be excited?!
  • As exciting as it can be it it is also so scary and nerve racking.  I am a worry-wort so that doesn't help being nervous about it all, but I remember wondering if I would make friends, if me and my roommate would get along, wondering what it would be like, nervous that I would like it and I would do well.  I think it's a natural thing to be nervous about something as big as starting college!
  • It's A LOT of change ALL AT ONCE!  It's not something little.  Your whole world changes!  You are no longer living at home, have to defend for yourself, make new friends, learn to be away from family and friends, learn to take car of yourself and get along without your parents!  I think all the chance makes the whole thing more scarier but the chance is well worth it!
  • It's just a whole new world.  With the good and the bad, it's just a new world.  You will grow as a person, deal with a lot of chance, and your life will just be so much different!  But college is just awesome and all the feeling you have beforehand will fade and college really is the time of your life!
This post turned into a reflecting on last year/giving advice/talking about what college is, but if you are an incoming freshman then enjoy and embrace all the chances coming your way and enjoy college, I know you will! :)

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