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My Childcare Story -- Jaylyn's Guest Post

Hey Everyone!  Another guest post today...I hope you all have enjoyed them so far and enjoy today's!  Today I have Jaylyn (Who also writes on The Name Nook) to blog for us!  We both share the love of children so I loved reading her post!  Hope you all do too! :)
Thanks again to Jaylyn for posting for me today!!

Hi Y'all! My name is Jaylyn and Jamie has asked me to guest post on her blog today, so here I am! Thanks for having me Jamie :) I'll start off by telling you 3 facts about me; 
1. I'm 21 years young. 
2. I live in Ontario, Canada! 
 3. I'm a Nanny to 3 sweet kiddos & babysit regularly on the side to a bunch of other wonderful babies/kids. So basically my life revolves around taking care of kids. I thought I would share with you all how I got into childcare and where I hope to end up in the field. Here it goes. 

When I was 11 years old, I started babysitting older kids (ages 5-7). We all went to the same public school and took the same bus, so I would get the 2 of them off of the bus and we would walk to their house, do homework, play, etc for 2-3 hours until their parents got home from work. Then after a year babysitting older kids I started babysitting families that had toddlers, etc. At 13 my neighbour had twin girls and I was over at their house EVERYDAY. No joke. I was obsessed and their mom didn't mind the extra set of hands. Basically I would feed a baby, rock a baby to sleep, go home, go back 3 hours later, feed a baby and I would do bath time so the mom could tidy up and get stuff ready for bedtime. Yes at 13 years old I was bathing newborn twins by myself. Its kind of crazy when I think back about how young I was. 

Anyways I continued babysitting for about 7 families and made some good money for a 13, 14, 15 year old girl. And then in highschool here in Canada you have to get 40 hours of volunteer time in your community. For my volunteer hours I found an add in the paper about a mom who had triplets and was looking for volunteers to come help with feedings, diaper changes, holding babies, bath time, bed time, etc. I called the mom up and she was skeptical to have a 15 year old come help, so she told me I had to have my mom come with me, which was fine. So I started that when the triplets were 4 months old and I volunteered for 4 months with a bunch of other volunteers who were all mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc, I was the youngest one there. When the triplets turned 8 months the mom decided she didn't need the volunteers anymore but she wanted to hire me as her weekend babysitter so that she could go grocery shopping on Saturdays and run other errands on Sundays. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I felt so proud of myself, being the youngest volunteer and her telling me she trusted me more than any of them with her babies was amazing. So every weekend for about 3-5 hours a day I would do feedings, diapers, etc by myself for 8 month old triplets. It was a great experience. Then during the summer when I was out of school I would babysit 2 little girls Monday - Friday. I cramed a lot of experience into my young teen years. 

When I graduated highschool at 18 years old, I enrolled in my local college for Early Childhood Education. During those 2 years I worked at Carters/OshKosh and babysat when I had time. I graduated college in April 2012 and nannied 2 little girls in my hometown. Then I decided since I didn't go away for college that I wanted to be a live in Nanny out of town. I had a Skype interview with a family 2 hours away from my hometown and they hired me the next day. We emailed for a month and then in October 2012 without meeting them in person I packed up all of my stuff and moved in to their home. I was their Nanny/House Manager. I did everything. All household chores, all errands, all laundry, all meals, everything. I stayed with them until July 2013 and I ended missing home and my friends and family so I moved back home. 

The day after I moved back home I some how got SO lucky and got an interview with a family who were looking to hire a Nanny for the first time. We met and interviewed and they hired me the next day. I am still with them to this day and I have to say I finally have a job that I absolutely LOVE. The kids are 6, 3 & 2 and they are just the sweetest. The parents are amazing and so good to me. As of right now I am going to be with them for at least another year maybe even two. When I am no longer needed there I haven't decided if I will look for another Nanny position or if I'll try and get into the school board to be a teachers assistant. Eventually I hope to have my own kids and stay home with them until they are all in school but for now being a Nanny is what I love to do. 

 Thanks for reading my story and thanks again Jamie for having me guest post on your blog! :)

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