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My Trip To Disney World -- Ali Guest Post

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I have another guest blogger today while i'm enjoying my vacation!  Hope you all enjoy & thank you Ali for guest blogging for me!  If you want to see more of Ali's writing/blogging then visit her posts on The Name Nook (Name Blog I run and she is a writer on!)
Hi everyone! 
My name is Ali, and I am guest-blogging today! 
My post is about the first time I went to Disney World in April of 2013. 
I have to say, that April was probably the most fun I have ever had. The week before Disney was school vacation week, so when you add it all together, I had 17 days off! 
We left on Saturday morning. My grandparents, whom I call Grammie & Grampy, and I flew out of the Providence Airport in Rhode Island. Due to lack of sleep, both from working late and waking up early, it wasn't long before Grampy fell asleep on the plane. 
I couldn't contain my excitement! I had been to Florida dozens of times before, but I had never been to Disney. 
When we finally landed, I was amazed at how beautiful Orlando was! 

I decided that the first place I wanted to go was Magic Kingdom. Cinderella has always been one of my favorite movies, and I wanted to see her castle! 
After a short ferry ride, I was standing in front of the castle. 
As you can tell from the clouds in the background, the weather wasn't great. However, that didn't matter. I was so happy to be in Disney! We saw the Country Bear Jamboree, rode on a carousel, and took a trip on the It's A Small World ride.

Our day was cut short when a HUGE thunderstorm came rolling into the park. I have never seen rain fall down as hard as it did that day! This picture does no justice, but look at those puddles and all of the people running! 
We, of course, went to the nearest store (and probably the smallest one in the park). It was jam-packed! When the rain let up a bit, we ran to the exit and headed to the hotel.
Day two, we went shopping at Downtown Disney and Epcot! 
One of the most amazing things we saw were the LEGO scenes created outside of the LEGO Store! There was one that depicted Snow White and The Seven Dwarves made COMPLETELY OUT OF LEGOS!! Image how long it took to complete! Incredible! 
Epcot was not what I expected at all-- it was better! For those who don't know, Epcot is basically the whole world in one place! It is broken up into different countries including Italy, United States, England and France. We chose to eat dinner at the Italy section, and I have never tasted meatballs as amazing as those! Here are a few pictures of Epcot:

The last two parks we went to were Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. 
At the Animal Kingdom, we went on a safari ride. It felt like we were in Africa! There were so many animals, including some that I had never heard of! 

Pictured above are giraffes, elephants, a warthog & a gorilla.
Hollywood Studios is where I found my favorite ride! It is called "Toy Story Mania!", and basically throws you right in the middle of Andy's bedroom! During the actual ride part, you are sitting in a toy car-type thing, and play a bunch of arcade games against all the other riders! It was so much fun, and worth the 45 minute wait!
That night, we left the park after dark. The parking lot was full, and none of us knew where we parked our car! Uh oh! We were wandering the parking lot for over 2 hours looking for the car! I'm sure you are thinking "why didn't you just push the alarm button?" We did. It wouldn't go off. We ended up waiting for most of the cars to leave, and then we finally found our car. One row  over from where we were standing for over an hour.
Our final day in Orlando, we stayed in and sat by the pool. That is when I obtained the WORST sunburn I have ever gotten. Oh, and it was only on the back of my legs and my back. Yeah, one half of me was maroon from the sunburn, and the other half was as white as when I got to Florida on the first day. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN, PEOPLE! I was in pain for over a week after the trip! 
Next year, my school is taking a trip to Disney. I am so excited to go again! And this time will be even better because we get to stay in the park and I will be with my best friend AND my Grammie!
Thank you for reading about my trip, and a huge thank you to Jamie for having me!

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