Monday, August 25, 2014

Settling In

Hey all!

I just wanted to pop in real quick and give you an update on myself :)

  • Saturday was my birthday and although it wasn't anything too special it was a great birthday!  I mostly spent it running errands and packing but Kayleen (my best friend) made it pretty fun!  I will eventually have a post up bout this! (If I can ever get Florida posts done :P)
  • Sunday was move in day!  We arrived on campus around 10am, checked in and then moved into the hall!  Around 11:30 once everything was moved in we went and grabbed lunch.  After that I said my goodbyes to the family and spent most of the day unpacking and getting things organized!  There was almost a Walmart trip, dinner with roommate and her friend and then that evening I saw one of my friends.  I got to see some other friends and just enjoy being around my friends!  After that I watch a movie with roommate for awhile before I went and showered and finally got to bed after 11pm!  It was a long day!!!
  • I am definitely getting settled in and thrown back into the college lyfe!
  • My classes started today!  I had 3 on M/W/F and 3 also on T/Th!  I'm definitely feeling overwhelmed already, and my classes already seem harder then my last semesters :/
  • I definitely think I will be busy with homework so enjoying this afternoon to get some blog posts up!  Hopefully I won't fall behind on my blogging as I get back into college life!!

  • Day 5 of Florida post will be up tomorrow, come back and check it out!! :)

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