Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sophomore Year

Tomorrow (8/24) i move back to college.  I wanted to document my feelings about tomorrow!

I was reading my post from the day before I moved into college last year  and I had such feelings of excitement and nervousness for all the changes that were about to happen!  I feel like my feelings for this year are so different then ones of the previous year!

This year I know what to expect.  I've been through this all before.  Though I am a little nervous about a couple things, I know that once I get back into the routines of everything I will be fine!

I'm excited to get everything moved in and organized (moving things is the pain part lol) and for my new roommate.  I hope this year is even better and I continue to grow as a person and make new friends and grow my old friendships.  I hope to keep raising my GPA and i'm excited to finally start dipping my feet in some Education (my major) classes!

Tomorrow starts another year at college and here's to a great year!!

Look out for some Florida posts this week, I need to get them all posted already!! :)

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