Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Beach & The Movies (Day Two in Florida)

Don't forget to go read about DAY ONE!

Sorry in advance for all of these Florida posts, but i want to document this trip for looking back purposes but also just to share as it was a great trip!

Day two was fishing/beach and a movie day!
On the way to the beach!
Does it get any more beautiful?
Me and the ocean!

Some of Kayleen's family chose to fish but I just enjoyed the view and water/beach!!

We left the beach right before a storm rolled in!
Then we hung out until dinner.  Here are all the selfies we took lol!

That evening we went to see Guardian of the Galaxy!  A great movie, just not my favorite type of movie :)

Not long after we got home, i was exhausted and fell asleep!

Day three coming soon!

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