Thursday, August 28, 2014

Traveling Home (Day Seven Of Florida)

Day 7, Friday August 8th, we left Sunny Florida to head back to good old Nebraska!

 Our flight left at 2pm so we got there around 11:45, had coffee/smoothies at Starbucks and then went through security and found our gate!
 ^Airport Selfie
Saying goodbye to the Florida rays and plam trees :(

 Our flight was a little bumpy but nothing too bad!  Plus got that pretty sky/cloud picture :)
 Sad to be leaving Florida!! :(

After our first flight we had a layover in Chicago Midland...We had to cross the entire airport to a random long hallways with our gate at the end...that was fun!  We had time to eat before boarding our flight back to NE! 

 ^Ready to be home sweet home!

This flight was a little more rough and we had to go around storms but how sweet are these layers of clouds!!?

And we made it home around 7pm that evening!!

While it was an amazing trip it was so nice to be home! :)  It was a trip I will never forget and so thankful for all the pictures and blog posts I have to document it:)

This concludes my Florida posts :)

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