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Traveling Tips With or Without Kids -- Paige's Guest Post

Hey everyone!  While i'm busy vacationing on Florida I have Paige guest blogging for me!  I hope you enjoy her post about her recent trip with her adorable family and go check out her blog!
Thank you Paige for guest blogging for me today :)

Hi y'all! I am Paige from Boots, Bows, & the 5oh! I've been blogging for a very short 7 years now. Blogging and I seem to have hit a holt over the summer due to lots of softball games that my 8 year old daughter Charli Beth has been playing in. Yet some of that reason could be my very cute loving tiny two year old terror Bryar. Or the fact that my very hardworking police officer Husband has been working long hours. Enough excuses though... To say it simply I am a Mom and with that being said it's my schedule is a whirlwind at times. 
Jamie asked me to guest post and I am so very thrilled that she did! Today I thought I would share with you a few easy tips on traveling with or without children in tow. We recently arrived back in our old Kentucky home from an incredibly long trip out to Wyoming. Yes, Wyoming and no we do not have family there. Most people vacation to Florida around us but not my family of cowboys and little cow kids. It truly was an amazing trip although without these tricks and trades I may have lost my Mommy mind completely.

1.) No matter what your Dad, Husband, Brother or uncle says always print directions or take a map. A GPS is grand but a little old fashioned is ever better

2.) DVD player. Of course! My Husband said that we did not need a DVD player in our new car. But boy was he grateful after the first 16 hour day and Charli had barely made a peep. 

3.) Hit up your local library!!!! This should actually be my number one on the list. Did you know you can rent dvd's for free! Amazing, I know. We checked out approximately ten for Charli since we had a 18 1/2 hour drive. Even though she did not watch them all - they were FREE! 

4.) Always pack a roll of toilet paper from home. Stop rolling your eyes or scrolling away... You will thank me for this one day. Nuff' said... 

5.) If you are packing for a baby or even a toddler the ziploc method is amazing. Although we did not take our youngest on this trip I now wish I would have created daily outfits for Charli Beth. Easy and simple directions are best for their little minds while picking daily outfits.

6.) Pinterest. Use Pinterest to search for interview questions to make conversation with your passengers. Or search for travel games for kids. I made a great binder for Charli to occupy herself. It had a states license game, word search, tic tac toe, mazes, questionnaires, facts about the state we were traveling to and coloring pictures of the state flag and such. She became quiet the little book of knowledge on our way to Wyoming. 
7.) Treat bags - My Mom made Charli Beth a treat bag for every state that we crossed into. They were very simple yet made her day to open each gift. They had snacks, candy, small toys and such. 

8.) Car Bucks - smartest idea ever while traveling with a kid. (Search for this on Pinterest as well for the print.)  One car buck is given to the child for every hour they are behaving well. Although, I change ours to one buck every hour she did not ask if we were there yet. You could even let them turn their bucks into you for small prizes rather than giving them actual cash. 

9.) Purchase snacks ahead of time saves a lot of money. We always pack a snack bag and a cooler of drinks. This trip we saved a ton of money by doing this. I purchased the small cans/bottles and amazingly we were not wasting any! Packing your lunch as stopping to have a picnic is always the perfect idea for kids too. Although, we were on a mission to make it there as quick as possible. 

10.) Turn the wifi off of your phone and put it away. You will feel so much more relaxed. Take your photographs but post them later! Enjoy your family and the memories your are making. Never let your vacation be memories of Facebook, twitter or even blogging. Your life is to precious for that! 

They may not be the most perfect tips while traveling but they worked for our long journey this year. We had the most amazing time escaping for reality and nestling into the west for the week. Please come by and visit our blog! I will be sharing our Wyoming adventure very soon! 

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