Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Traveling to Florida (Day One in Florida)

I hope you all enjoy all of the great guest posts from this week!  I think of the guest bloggers did a great job and I hope you will go check out all of their amazing blogs!

Now to the Florida posts, here is the first of many!  This one is the day of traveling to Florida, Saturday August 2nd!

Our flight left at 5:15 and our airport ain't huge so Kayleen, her brother and family left their house at 2 and go to my house around 2:10.  Then we headed to the airport!
 Our plane got dealyed 15 minutes and we waited for awhile, grabbed some food & waited some more!
And took lot's of selfies/snapchats :p
 FINALLY on the plane and SO excited for Florida!! :-)

The flight went really well!  We got in after 10pm and had an hour drive.  By the time we got to Kayleen's grandma we got ready for bed and hit the hay!

Look forward for day two!

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