Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I'd Tell My Nineteen Year Old Child -- Jenn's Guest Post

Hi all!  Today I have Jenn From Knee-Deep In Munchkin Land guest blogging about things she would tell her children when they are nineteen and want she would want them to know!  Hope you all enjoy & go check out Jenn's blog!  Thank you to Jenn for guest blogging for me!


I remember 19 well… Truth be told, it’s not one of the best years of my life and there are some things I’d rather forget. During the nineteenth year of my life, the following happened…

  • My 15-year-old sister battled anorexia and was in and out of hospitals. At the lowest point, she weighed 58 pounds and was fighting for her life.
  • The lack of control I felt in that situation led to numerous bad decisions in other areas of my life. Choices that resulted in hurting many relationships, including my then-boyfriend-now-husband, Jon.
  • I was desperately seeking independence, I was testing boundaries, and looking in all the wrong places to do it.

In a nutshell, I remember nineteen as being incredibly confusing, lost, and rebellious. There were many life lessons learned in that time and while I wish I could spare my Littles that baffling time, I know this is something everyone has to go through in their own way. As their mother, I know the last thing they’ll want to do is come to me for advice or believe that I have anything wise to share, but if they’re willing to listen, I’d say…

…that in this time where everything is changing and nothing seems constant, there is One who won’t ever change. His presence will offer peace and security like nothing else will, fall on Him when you feel like nothing else makes sense.

…there is nothing you could ever do that would make me or their father stop loving you. Nothing. We will always love you, support you, and will encourage you. Our love does not/will not change.

…its ok to not know what you’re doing with your life, or to not know what that next step is. And its certainly ok to admit that plans change.

…its important to live on your own. One of the best things Jon and I ever did was live with friends before marrying each other. It was a great experience having to deal with crazy roommates, the exhilaration of independence, and the terror of having too many bills and not enough money in the bank to cover them. It’s a crash course in adulthood.

…that even though you feel like you’re drowning, you’ll wake up one day and find that life suddenly makes sense again.

It’s my biggest hope that Jon and I will give the Littles a solid base, a base that will allow the LIttles to make mistakes, fall, and get back up again. And if, by chance, one of the Littles flies through life without a hiccup in their plans or a setback to their name, well, in that case, I won’t be any of use and I’ll direct them to my sister, Christine. (Just kidding. Kind of.)

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