Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cancer Sucks

One Year Ago I found out my Grandpa had cancer.  He died of Lung Cancer almost 7 months ago.  This last year has been a world wind.  My grandpa was diagnosed with long cancer on September 30, 2013 and died 5 1/2 months later on March 2nd, 2014.  He went down and he went down fast.  Although I don't remember this day a year ago too well I remember that those words "he has cancer" hit me hard.  Noone ever wants to hear those words.

The following is what I wrote a year ago.  I saved it and never published the post so thought I would add it to this.  


Cancer sucks...today I found out my grandpa has cancer..My only grandpa that I have left...my other grandpa died a few months after my parents married of skin cancer...so i never knew him..It sucks...cancer sucks..."

Cancer sucks.....

Monday, September 22, 2014

Girls Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  Here's to more blogging this week!  Hey, i'm already ahead of last week!  It's a start, right?! :)

This weekend was a MUCH needed girls weekend!  Well kinda girls weekend!

Friday night after I got off work, my roommate and I went to dinner and then Walmart!  Followed by another trip to Walmart with a guy across the hall because we forgot something, needed to return something, & he needed to go to Walmart!  After that my roommate and I watched movies :)  Complete with ice cream and all!
 Saturday we went to Kohls, lunch at Panera, Bath and Body Works & Target.  My roommates mom met up with us at Panera!

 Her mom came back and hung out with us in the dorm for awhile after!

After we hung out for awhile until we went with Adam to get Chinese food!  It was so good!
Then we watch the Husker game!! GBR!
It was me and my roommate plus 2 guys.  It was a lot of fun and we took way too many snapchat selfies!
 After the game, me and my roommate watched the rest of Hairspray we had started the night before!
It was a great & fun Saturday!!

Sunday we slept in and ate leftovers before we had a pedicure appointment at 1pm!

After we came back and did homework, had dinner and then went for a walk!
Followed by another Walmart trip and more homework!!

It was a fun, relaxing & great weekend!  I'm so thankful for that, much needed!  Also thankful for an amazing roommate who I am able to hang out with, go places with, and just not a roommate, but a great friend! :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Being in the classroom

Today I got to meet the teacher and kids/classroom that I will be assisting in this semester for practicum!  Exciting, huh?!! :D

The teacher seems really nice and i'm so excited to get to be in the classroom.  I know I will learn a lot and it will be so much fun!  I'm so excited!!

This semester will really determine if I have it to be a teacher.  So it's a big semester!  Even though this means my days will be even busier, it's going to be so fun!  I'm very excited :)

What's something exciting happening in YOUR life?! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Look Back On Summer Bucket List 2014

Here's the final look at my Summer 2014 bucket list, I knock off quite a few, but still have some that have been on my bucket list forever that need crossed off!
  • Go to J Cupcakes!  Been wanting to go here forever! Didn't happen :(  
  • Go to G Cupcakes!  Same as above! Didn't happen :(  
  • Another trip with Kayleen? DONE!  Trip of a lifetime To Florida :)
  • Go to Chipotle Didn't happen :( 
  • Go to Ho-Hot Didn't happen :(  
  • Take Kayleen to Olive Garden!! Didn't happen :( 
  • Walk or Bike Ride at Monohey (Hopefully more then once!  Dad has pass!) Didn't happen :( 
  • Sleepovers with Kayleen!!!  DONE!  Had a couple of these :)
  • Mall shopping trips! (x2) DONE!
  • Go to Old Market with Kayleen! Didn't happen :( 
  • Go to the movies! DONE!
  • Go to the zoo with Kayleen!  DONENot with Kayleen, with my family, but still counts! :)
  • Go to Cheddars DONE!  Went with Grandma in April :)
  • Go through Tours Of Homes Didn't end up happening :(
  • Family Vacations (x2) Not going to happen :(
  • Red Mango Trip! (x2)  DONE!
  • Go to Steak N Shake!!! (None in Nebraska...boo!) Didn't happen :(  
  • Go to Juice Stop Didn't happen :(  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I had a great 3 day Labor Day weekend!  It was so relaxing which was much needed after a busy first week back at college!

Saturday I slept in and had a lazy morning before going to my aunts!  My aunt from Arizona was in town so another one of my aunt's had everyone over to watch the Nebraska football game and for pizza afterwards!  It was great to watch a great husker win with some awesome throws/catches and to spend time with Family!
A storm and sunset all in one!

Sunday I went shopping with my mom to find me a couple new shirts and flats for my practicum in class time.  We also ran errands.  That evening I just relaxed at home!

 Sunday I saw my dad in the morning and then went to the theaters with Kayleen and saw If I Stay!  Great movie! 

Around 4pm I headed back to school and spent the rest of the night doing homework and organizing my closet...so much fun! :P

It was a great relaxing Labor day weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First week and half of college

I have a bunch of pictures from the first week and half of classes that I thought I would share!  Very random pictures!

First day of classes selfie!

 Roommate picture :)  One of many to come!
 Look at that gorgeous sunset! <3
 On a walk!
I don't know what I would do without this girl!

So there are all my pictures from the first week of classes!  I'm still slowly getting back into the routine and definitely keeping busy!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Birthday Celebrations

This post is definitely late since my birthday was August 23rd, but I still wanted to share about my 19th birthday!

Some of my celebration was done before my birthday, because my birthday was the day before I moved back to college!

The Wednesday before my birthday (which was on a Saturday) we went out for dinner for my birthday!  I choose a Chinese buffet because I love Chinese food these days and just looking at this picture makes me want Chinese again!! :)

The Friday night up to Saturday AM was spent Facetiming Kayleen.  We managed to Facetime for 4 hours up until a little after 12:30AM.  And it was awesome lol.  Once it hit midnight she sang happy birthday to me! :)

On my actual birthday it was mostly spent running errands and packing for the next day, but my best friend managed to make it a little more special :)
During her hour break at work (which is just down the road) she came over and gave me my presents and hanged out for awhile! :)

After work she came over and did her ice bucket challenge and we ate a cupcake...or two ;) 

The people who really matter in my life showed me that I was loved and made me feel special for the day, so it was a good birthday! :)  Not too exciting, but a good one!! :)

And I remember this birthday as the birthday of chocolate as I got a lot of it this year, but I love chocolate so you know I enjoyed it! :)

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