Monday, September 22, 2014

Girls Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  Here's to more blogging this week!  Hey, i'm already ahead of last week!  It's a start, right?! :)

This weekend was a MUCH needed girls weekend!  Well kinda girls weekend!

Friday night after I got off work, my roommate and I went to dinner and then Walmart!  Followed by another trip to Walmart with a guy across the hall because we forgot something, needed to return something, & he needed to go to Walmart!  After that my roommate and I watched movies :)  Complete with ice cream and all!
 Saturday we went to Kohls, lunch at Panera, Bath and Body Works & Target.  My roommates mom met up with us at Panera!

 Her mom came back and hung out with us in the dorm for awhile after!

After we hung out for awhile until we went with Adam to get Chinese food!  It was so good!
Then we watch the Husker game!! GBR!
It was me and my roommate plus 2 guys.  It was a lot of fun and we took way too many snapchat selfies!
 After the game, me and my roommate watched the rest of Hairspray we had started the night before!
It was a great & fun Saturday!!

Sunday we slept in and ate leftovers before we had a pedicure appointment at 1pm!

After we came back and did homework, had dinner and then went for a walk!
Followed by another Walmart trip and more homework!!

It was a fun, relaxing & great weekend!  I'm so thankful for that, much needed!  Also thankful for an amazing roommate who I am able to hang out with, go places with, and just not a roommate, but a great friend! :D

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