Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I had a great 3 day Labor Day weekend!  It was so relaxing which was much needed after a busy first week back at college!

Saturday I slept in and had a lazy morning before going to my aunts!  My aunt from Arizona was in town so another one of my aunt's had everyone over to watch the Nebraska football game and for pizza afterwards!  It was great to watch a great husker win with some awesome throws/catches and to spend time with Family!
A storm and sunset all in one!

Sunday I went shopping with my mom to find me a couple new shirts and flats for my practicum in class time.  We also ran errands.  That evening I just relaxed at home!

 Sunday I saw my dad in the morning and then went to the theaters with Kayleen and saw If I Stay!  Great movie! 

Around 4pm I headed back to school and spent the rest of the night doing homework and organizing my much fun! :P

It was a great relaxing Labor day weekend!

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