Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Birthday Celebrations

This post is definitely late since my birthday was August 23rd, but I still wanted to share about my 19th birthday!

Some of my celebration was done before my birthday, because my birthday was the day before I moved back to college!

The Wednesday before my birthday (which was on a Saturday) we went out for dinner for my birthday!  I choose a Chinese buffet because I love Chinese food these days and just looking at this picture makes me want Chinese again!! :)

The Friday night up to Saturday AM was spent Facetiming Kayleen.  We managed to Facetime for 4 hours up until a little after 12:30AM.  And it was awesome lol.  Once it hit midnight she sang happy birthday to me! :)

On my actual birthday it was mostly spent running errands and packing for the next day, but my best friend managed to make it a little more special :)
During her hour break at work (which is just down the road) she came over and gave me my presents and hanged out for awhile! :)

After work she came over and did her ice bucket challenge and we ate a cupcake...or two ;) 

The people who really matter in my life showed me that I was loved and made me feel special for the day, so it was a good birthday! :)  Not too exciting, but a good one!! :)

And I remember this birthday as the birthday of chocolate as I got a lot of it this year, but I love chocolate so you know I enjoyed it! :)

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