Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#BlogTober14 -- Day 15 -- Favorite Quote

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today feels like a Monday for me as I was on fall break til today.  Back to reality and the swing of classes, practicum, work & homework!

Today's prompt is Favorite quote and I love quotes so this is just up my alley!

My all time favorite quote is...
Ok. This is a little too much on the bright side for me, but kind of cute.

And here are some other favorite quotes of mine because I love quotes just that much!!  And these are all off pinterest which is where I find 99% of my quotes!
Wake up smiling. Seize every moment. Try new things. Be legendary. Bold. Fearless. Amaze yourself. Take chances. Embrace change. Be optimistic. NOW is YOUR time!
Stressed to Blessed - Much needed <3 @Megan Ward Ward Ward Ward Grabow

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endlesspostcards said...

Love this! Definitely agree with how important the little things are - they're what help lead us to the big things and eventually make our small successes the significant ones.

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