Monday, October 27, 2014

#BlogTober14 -- Day 27 -- Letter To Younger Self

Happy Monday everyone!  Only 4 more days of Blogtober!  Today's prompt is letter to your younger self!  So here's mine :)

Dear Younger (We will say 13 year old) Jamie,

Over the next couple years you will learn a lot and grow so much as a person.  You will go through a lot to get to this point, and you are still growing so much.  But never forget that you are beautiful NO MATTER WHAT.  Society's view of being pretty/beautiful being you have to be skinny, tall, lean, ect. is not the true definition of beauty and this is something you will learn over time.  Just remember that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are!  God made you and he made you just how you are meant to be.  Just embrace yourself and give yourself a little break by just loving yourself!!

Remember to put God first in your life.  Go to church as often as possible and be active in Youth Group.  You did a decent job of being involved in the church, but keep it up.  You won't be as active as you should for awhile and you will regret that later on.  Embrace God!

Boys are boys and as your family always said are 'stupid boys'.  Don't make your life be consumed by them.  Live your life and love yourself and know guys will come into your life when you are suppose to.  Though you had to learn this the hard way and after trying over and over, forget about that first crush.  He was exactly that, a first crush, and that doesn't mean as much as you think it may.  Guys come into people's life unexpectedly, which later in life you will see this lesson over and over again.  You will learn a lot about guys and love and other things later, so for now just love yourself and focus on YOU!

And lastly, not everything has to be planned.  Over time you will learn that the best things that happened aern't planned, they just happen.  And unexpectedly.  SO just learn to go with the flow, it will benefit you later in life!

I want to end this with saying that you are a strong, hard-working, loving, kind, beautiful and amazing girl that has so much life to live still.  Even 19 year old Jamie has no clue what is ahead of her.  But that's the beauty of life.  Just remember not to be too hard on yourself, live your life to the fullest and enjoy the ride :)

19 Year Old Jamie :)  
Helene in Between Blogtober

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